About Noire

Noire is a webcomic updated on a schedule dictated by whimsy and complex astrological calculations. When it does update, it's on Sundays and Wednesdays. Raphael does the words, Nate does the pictures. Nate does some of the words and Raphael isn't allowed to do any of the pictures, ever.

Noire doesn't have a plot or anything, strictly speaking. It has beautiful drawings of a variety of strange and wonderful characters, who you can read about on the cast page. And occasionally it features little stories which span a few strips.

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About Raphael and Nate

Nate has a face. Sometimes it’s even rather enjoyable to look at, but it’s probably not as enjoyable to look at as his artwork. He’s been drawing since 2002, when he discovered Manga and since then has tried as hard as he possibly can to get away from the influence of it. When Nate first started drawing Noire it was for shits and giggles, but it has become a challenging and rewarding practice in stepping outside of his art comfort zone.

Nate also writes short stories, poetry, and plays many instruments badly, including but not limited to keyboard, trombone and ukulele. He’s a man of many talents, such as papercrafting, miniature painting, spending copious amount of money and trawling the internet for things to steal ideas. He’s currently working in a paint shop where he spends his time reintroducing people to the majesty of colours.

Nate has a Twitter.

Nate’s favourite movies are One Perfect Day and Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Nate’s favourite song is Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman.

Nate’s favourite book is The Music of Razors by Cameron Rogers.

Raphael is almost all of the time. He goes to the Australian National University, where he studies linguistics and literature and tries to sell people time travel on Thursdays. He spends the rest of his time inventing dystopian worlds and then wholeheartedly failing to create plots good enough to place in them; reading Neil Gaiman far too late at night to be reading Neil Gaiman; learning to crochet; and misusing semicolons.

Raphael has a deep and abiding love affair with Joss Whedon, various incarnations of Doctor Who, tea, typewriters, the cabaret, steampunk fashion, hats with brims, Keats, the smell of books, and the English language. Raphael likes all music with good words, however it sounds. Raphael believes in the Internet, love, and Shakespeare. Raphael cannot abide postmodernism, but he thinks you're amazing.

Raphael has a website full of wonderful stuff a Twitter he forgets to update.

Raphael's favourite movie is Casablanca.

Raphael's favourite song is Great Expectations by Elbow.

Raphael's favourite book is a trilogy, His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman.