Vincent is not quite a cat. He is a cat with space left over; Vincent is a catling (or a kitten, or a catten, or a mitten, or he will be a mitten... eventually). But he's getting to be quite big these days. He may in fact be eating too much. Vincent is an ever curious, whimsical, cheerful kind of kittenling. He will never give you up. He will never let you down. He will never run around and desert you.
Vincent the mittenling is Hat's dearest friend, his companion on searches for love, and maybe his secret Valentine. However, Vincent does not swing that way. Vincent the kit is concerned about Blink, his mouse friend, for Blink wants to become a duck. Vincent says he is a vegetarian, but has never been seen eating. Maybe he is a robot.

Hat is a fashionable, modern, stylish and affordable item of male headgear. However, he does not have an owner, so he is a Hat all on his own. Hat is a talking hat, which is quite odd. But nobody minds, because Hat is wicked cool. Hat is good friends with Vincent, his feline companion. They go on crazy adventures (crazy, crazy adventures) and both worry about their mutual friend, Blink. But it's all going to be alright.
Hat does not smile. Hat wears a white strap and this makes him presentable in polite society. Hat is always presentable in impolite society. He is ever on the quest for true love. One day, we all very much hope he will find it, and maybe move into a little cottage with a stream and a field of flowers. Hat might also be a robot.

Blink is an adventurous, naive sort of mouse, with crazy ideas and wild flights of fancy. Blink wants very much to become a duck. Nobody is entirely sure why, not even Blink. Blink is friends with Alan, his turtle companion, and also Vincent and Hat (because Vincent did not eat him, and that's a good enough reason as reasons go.)
Blink is probably not a robot.

Alan is a turtleous kind of creature, a ponderous bumblious wobblious... succubus. He is Blink's oldest friend, mentor, and possibly close relative. No-one knows, nor wants to know, how that can be the case. Alan is resigned to the destruction of the world and all on it, but nobody pays him any attention. However, many come to him for his advice, deep wisdom and delicious, yet oddly poisonous cupcakes.
Behind his shell-like exterior, Alan might be hiding a heart of metal. And lots and lots of RAM. And a really big hard drive.